Nasab is a dreamer’s dream, a membership-based workspace and social club designed to feed the spirit of creativity. We avoid throwing the words ‘inspiration’ and ‘innovation’ around like frisbees or framing them in neon signs because that’s just too easy. Instead, we challenged ourselves to produce an environment that works – a refuge where great things can happen.

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The stage is set and it’s all yours. Feel free to tumble or settle. Flow through 3 levels of work and social space into the hush of a private suite. Come together in fully equipped meeting rooms and event spaces, re-energize in the fitness studio, create the dream in the photography studio or let inspiration find you around the pools and one of the many dining areas.

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It’s our opinion that a space should work for you, consciously and unconsciously contributing to your craft on multiple levels. That’s why Nasab offers 4 tiers of membership, giving you complete freedom to lose control. It’s also why pioneers of fashion, film, music, design, technology and more are all connecting and growing with us.

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We are forming a community that is growing by the law of attraction – an organized chaos if you will. This is why you’ll find fashion designers creating killer tombola hats on the terrace, freelance journalists having words in the lounge and film makers creating heart breaking episodes by the bar. The exciting and unpredictable coming together and working side by side. Nasab isn’t for everyone, in fact it’s for a select few, who are dedicated to challenging themselves.

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Connect with us and let’s make magic happen.

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